Egar's production operation is housed in a modern facility strategically located next to HWY#401 in Cambridge, Ontario.  It is a high volume manufacturer of complex stampings and welded assemblies; primarily for Tier I automotive. 

Egar is at the top of its class in quality, delivery and cost effectivity.  Ongoing investment in people, equipment and technology is used to support Egar's continuous improvement culture and maintain its leading edge position.  For many of Ontario's Tier I Automotive, Egar is a supplier of choice--and we intend remain that way!

Production Capabilities:


Production Stamping                                                                                          _        

Egar has production presses ranging from 400T to 1200T in capacity.  The 1200T presses are equiped with 180"x86" rolling bolsters, three axis servo transfers and 72" coil feed lines accepting coils up to 50,000lbs. 

Whether it is a long term production run for the life of the vehicle or a short term emergency run--we deliver.
























Production Welding                                                                                                       


Egar currently supplies welded sub-assemblies to its Tier I customer base.  With this infrastructure in place, it is an area of focus and a growing element of our production capabilities.

























Packaging                                                                                                    __          




Several Egar customers prefer their product supplied in small totes.  To offer this service cost effectively Egar has installed a flexible packaging cell which it now uses to quickly and ergonomically fill customer totes. 













Inventory Management                                                                                   __       




Egar uses a visual inventory management system with predefined minimum/maximum safety stock setpoints.

Since certified goods are always stored in the same physical location, audits are easy and reliable.











Quality Control                                                                                                             



Egar has been fully ISO/TS certified since 2006 and prior to that was QS certified from 1998.

The company has a fulltime Quality Manager, Quality technicians and operates with Quality inspectors on both shifts.

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