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Automotive Tooling, Production Stamping and Welded Assemblies


We have a highly skilled team of designers and engineers who have the experience to design tooling for the most complex stamped parts.

Tool Room

We have an exceptional team of highly qualified Tool & Die makers and CNC operators with a well appointed equipment set.


Our high volume production operation manufactures complex stampings and welded assemblies. We are fully TS/ISO certified.

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Driven by Precision, Defined by Quality

Egar Tool and Die is a world-class manufacturer of automotive stamping dies, production stampings and welded assemblies.  Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Egar has been supplying complex progressive and transfer dies to the North American Tier I automotive industry for more than 40 years.

To better meet the requirements of our Tier I customer base, Egar Tool and Die has expanded its operations to include high volume production stamping and welded assemblies. With presses ranging in capacities from 200T to 1200T, we produce over 20 million stampings a year to various worldwide suppliers.

What We Do

Egar Tool and Die has a highly skilled team of designers and engineers who have experience designing tooling for the most complex stamped parts in the industry.


Our team fully validates processes with forming simulation software. A fully detailed 3D design is created and reviewed with the customer prior to manufacturing.


We are working on revolutionizing the tooling industry with additive manufacturing, redefining industry standards and unlocking innovative solutions for our clients’ unique needs


We have the capabilities to machine all of your 2D and 3D needs in house. Our CNC machines have state of the art clamping and locating system to ensure accuracy.


Our Tool and Die makers and manufacture your transfer and progressive dies to creates dies that are robust, precisely manufactured and production ready.


As a high volume manufacturer of complex stampings and welded assemblies primarily for the Tier I automotive industry. We are at the top of our class in quality, delivery, and cost effectivity.

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The key to our success is our people. Our employees have made the company what it is today and lay the foundation for what it will be tomorrow.