Egar Tool and Die has production presses ranging from 200T to 1200T in capacity. Our 1200T and 1000T presses are equipped with 180″x86″ rolling bolsters, three axis servo transfers, and 72″ coil feed lines accepting coils up to 50,000lbs. Whether a long term production run for the life of the vehicle, or a short term emergency run is needed–we deliver.


Egar Tool and Die’s manufacturing also focuses on Automated Robotic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and automated projection spot welding assemblies. Our lineup of weldments includes fully welded galvanized subassemblies, along with hot rolled steel.

On our projection spot welders, nut detection capabilities ensure our customer is receiving the correct product, and our retention tests provide reliable data on demand.

Our in-house team designs and manufactures robust weldment fixtures that focus on simplicity and repeatability. Poka yokes are built into the design to ensure consistent quality and implementation in manufacturing.


Egar Tool and Die has been fully IATF /TS 16949 certified since 2006 and prior to that was QS certified from 1998.

Egar Tool and Die has a dedicated Quality Control department. We operate with quality inspectors on all shifts performing checks on a regular basis. At the beginning, middle, and end of each stamping job parts are placed on custom fixtures to test form tolerance. This ensures constant part quality throughout the job cycle.


Egar Tool and Die’s ERP software tracks every aspect of material flow in our production process. From coil to stamped and welded part, each stage of our production process is monitored and planned with minimal manual guidance.

At any given moment, our ERP software can provide the real-time inventory level, production rate, and item demand. The ERP is EDI capable and is able to integrate with our supplier’s schedule using intelligent algorithms to change production scheduling based on current demand, delays, and other production parameters.

Shop floor data is streamed with the use of dedicated terminals at each of our work centres and forklift mounted tablets.

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